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Friday, June 10, 2005

WTF, People?

OK...I am beginning to think one of you is just fucking with me, lol. I have now had 5 (FIVE!) people referred to my page my searching for "Napoleon Dynamite Spelling Bee". I am sure not helping things by talking about it so much...but SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why that is a valid search. There is not a spelling bee in the movie. I don't think the new spelling bee champ is Napolean Dynamite...HELP ME.

(Sripsearch: The Man Pageant continues to rank up there in my referrals, too.)

Anyway...sorry the last few days have been so boring...I have been super busy with work and stuff. I am going to Chicago for the weekend, but I will post something super-good tomorrow. (or at least try to.) Going out on Chauncey Hill tonight...we'll see how alcohol reacts with the remnants of medication... ;)



Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

Have you ever posted about a spelling bee? That is just odd.

7:59 PM  

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