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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Seven Things that Google Thinks My Blog is About

And one from AOLsearch.
I don't know what I did to please the Google Gods, but I will keep doing it if I can stay in the top 5 results for so many random things.

Those last two are on my referrals list...but I can't find my link in the results. The main thing I am worried about is that Google links me even before VH1 for Stripsearch. Bex Shwartz...I am a HUGE fan of hers...She is my Friendster...but I don't know her. I feel bad that I am linked before her own, MUCH better blog. I can't really say anything about the 'man panties' thing. That is pretty much a word-for-word quote of what I wrote in that post. Ummmm...PBS "Idol Time", huh? Do you think that was a mistake? They meant "Idle Time"? I don't know what they wanted, but I hope they found it here. Federfetus...I knew I should have copywrited that. I used it first on my birthday, April 7th...now EVERYONE is using it.

One more thing...why in the name of all that is holey would someone search for Napolean Dynamite and the National Spelling Bee at the same time...and WHY did they get linked here? lol


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