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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Halleluiah...Hear the Angels Sing...

It's no secret that I'm a pretty big fan of the Clinton family. I came across this article from last week while I was getting ready for bed. Hillary Clinton actually has the support it would take to become president. We run into a few problems here, though. First of all, people are much more conservative in the voting booth than when being polled by a stranger. A lot of people want to seem more liberal than they actually are. It's very easy to be progressive and tolerant when your opinion holds no real consequence. Secondly, we run into the problem that the people that say they are most likely to vote for her are the exact same people that don't vote. Her highest percentage is from the group with the lowest income. Of course women are more likely than men to vote for her -- younger more likely than older -- low income more likely than high income -- and liberals (obviously) more likely than conservatives.

So, I guess my point is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your lazy asses out there and VOTE...please. And don't wait till 2008. Go out for your local elections, too. Liberal ideas at the top start at the bottom...with grass-roots liberal thinking in every town across the country. Most of the people that read this are from more liberal states than I happen to live in. I am a gay, liberal, red-stater...and yeah, sometimes that is frustrating...but every time I vote it gets my voice out there and proves that there is a dissenting opinion here. And I am not the only one...I beg of you, fellow red-state dems, DO NOT GIVE UP!


Blogger Adam said...

We should both just hunker down and move to a blue state together.

I have already made it known to everyone I know that if Hillary runs in 2008 I am dedicating my life to her. Which is somewhat of a problem, because all but maybe 2 of my friends are republicans. We are only friends because I made them all agree to never speak their filthy political jargon to me.

TTYL Loverboy

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