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Monday, June 06, 2005

Poopty Peupty Pants-ss

Just a random offering of things online that entertain me endlessly.

Annoying Asians -- That's their title, not mine. Ami and I spent many a drunken night sitting at our computers watching this over and over. We have a dance...The one on the left is definitely the gay one. HOO HAA! HOO HAA!

Schfifty Five -- It is SOOOOO good to see it. You should watch it schfourteen-teen times. It gets in your head...numbers will never be the same.

Gay Boyfriend -- Holy ukuleles, Batman. The themesong for every gay-boy/straight-girl relationship out there.

Salad Fingers -- More than slightly disturbing. The people that made this are probably locked up for their own protection by now. I don't know what it's about, but there are 5 episodes and some newly uploaded parodies...

So Bad -- It's scary how similar they look. Well, at least when Michael Jackson gets locked up we will still have another scary-looking, skinny, white woman to sing to us.

Contract -- Good for first dates...just so everyone knows what's allowed. ;)

The Poopie List -- Gross, I know...but if you can read it out loud the whole way through without laughing, I will send you a prize.

You Must Choose -- See how your choices stack up against everyone else.

Ze's Page -- Stuff to keep you busy.

Banana Phone -- Nothing to say except BANANA PHONE!

Pleix Films -- Last thing. Kick this one for St. Paul, and this for Minneapolis, and kick this one here for me and my superhero complex. All the cute boys are from Minneapolis...I suggest Net Lag, Cish Cash, E-Baby, and Beauty Kit especially.

Cancel the rest of your day...You'll be busy.


Blogger Ethan said...

I love some of these...Im going to say something about it on my journal...just dont feel good right now

6:59 PM  
Blogger Jay Six said...

re: Annoying Asians...the one the right? You mean you don't think both of them are gay?!?!

And was that Celine Dion doing a Michael Jackson drag act? Pass the Darvocet or whatever you're on today...I need to be sedated.

8:59 PM  

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