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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Carla is a Bitch

OK, so you don't know Carla. I don't really, either. She is a nurse that works in the Occupational Medicine office at Arnett Clinic. I called in earlier this morning to see if my doc could prescribe me something stronger than Darvocet for my pain, considering it doesn't work at all unless I take MUCH more than prescribed. To get this point across to her, I said that the 2 days I worked last week, I had to take 10 pills each day to get through with only moderate pain...it never helped completely. She YELLED at me over the phone that I was taking too much and she didn't think the doctor would do anything to help me.

After 10 minutes on hold she came back on the phone and said the doctor wrote me a new scrip for Oxycodone. Because it's a narcotic, it can't be phoned in, I have to come pick it up. I get there and she has the scrip, but she said I had to schedule an appt for physical therapy to get it. (Like a ransom.) No problem, I said...It's just that when I called to make an appointment they said the woman I need to see is out of the office until the 13th. Well, today, she calls to make me an appt and miraculously there is an appointment open on Thursday morning. Well, thanks for asking, but I already have an appt at that time on Thursday morning. THEN she says to me, "You're going to have to stop being such a pain about this." WHAT!?!?!? I almost lost it. She said, "It's your job on the line here, you better just go when I tell you to go." I said, "First of all, you have NOTHING to do with my job...only my insurance company...so let's get that straight right off the bat." "Secondly, I can not help the fact that I have pre-existing commitments sometimes. I need to speak to the Doctor." She said he was busy...I said I would wait...She said it would be awhile...I said I had all day.

Ten minutes later he was in to see me. (Wow...such a long wait...) He asked me when I could make an appt for therapy. (What a novel idea...ask me when I am free.) I said any time except 9-10 am and 1-2 pm. He got on the phone...Voila...I have an appt at 3:15 pm on Thursday. To Carla, I say - You, my dear, are a BITCH!

So, I need to go pick up my scrip in about 45 minutes, and I am not sure how it's going to affect me. So, I am preparing for a bumpy ride.

Just remember...We Hate Carla.

(Just a side note...when you type Darvocet and then spell-check...it has only one suggestion: travesty.)


Blogger Jay Six said...

Carla sucks. I think she has sisters in every medical office, though. Boo to all Carlas!

Darvocet = travesty? I'd hate to see what they think Vicodin is? I love that stuff! j/k - kinda....:P

8:54 PM  
Blogger . said...

Her evil step sister works in MY doctor's office and she never calls in my scrip so then I have to call the Dr. at home from the pharmacy or have him paged by the hospital because of HER STUPID FORGETFULNESS...this has happened 3 times AT LEAST!

2:51 AM  

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