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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Can See the Sex Vids Now

Who needs the hassle of dubbing tape after TAPE of that hottie you banged last weekend? Pull your camcorder out of the hamper and get one of these. Just pop it in your DVD burner and you are on your way to becoming the biggest porn magnate in the tri-state area. (Or the laughing stock of all of your friend when they see your tiny wang.)

I don't know why that is the first thing I thought of when I saw that article. You're probably supposed to use it for family barbeques, birthdays, company picnics...all I see it being used for is bachelor parties and sex tapes. I started writing this before I figured out what I was gonna say...can you tell? lol

On a personal medication front: I started the Oxycodone last night. I am not sure what is wrong. I still have more pain than I think should be allowable. I mean, I am not writhing in agony (or extacy), but it has gotten to the point that there is not a minute of my day that I am comfortable. I might just be a big pussy...but everyone I keep talking to is like, "Wow, you're gonna be high as a kite on that shit", and "I wish I had some ______ to get me through", and "Feeling no pain, huh?" with that little mouth-click-hand-point thing... I am not high as a kite...unless you mean the one on the shelf in my closet. I am not drowsy...I can't sleep at all. I AM feeling pain...and quite a lot of it.

I start physical therapy tomorrow...I have to go in the middle of my work day. Does anyone know what one is expected to wear to PT? I am severely lacking in the athletic clothing area of my wardrobe...when I exercise, I do it in a t-shirt, PJ pants, flip-flops, and not very often.

I hope this medicine starts kicking in because I have looked back over the last month of posts and there is very little positive content. I have been a bitch, and I think most of it is caused by the HORRIBLE mood I have been in because of this pain. UGH...Sorry guys, thanks for hanging in there with me. HUGS to you all...(Especially the ones that need it today...you know who you are.)


Blogger Ethan said...

There are certain foods out there that help medicine do their job. Have you looked into that?

11:08 AM  
Blogger flannel04 said...

And have some caffeine, too. I'm not sure if that will work for the kind of pain you're describing, but I've read that caffeine is a natural pain reliever. If I have a headache or the like, I take IB Profen (or however you spell it) and drink a cup of coffee. I'm sure a couple Mountain Dews would do just fine too. It's worth a shot.

6:19 PM  

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