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Saturday, June 11, 2005

OMG It's ON my TV!

I am just sitting at home, should be packing, but I am just watching TV. I've overcome my nausea from last night. It lasted until mid-afternoon...but the urge to vomit has passed. I was trying to be SO good last night...I had one beer at Lynn's house before we went out and then we headed out for the bars. We started at Jake's and when we walked in the BEST THING EVER (known from now on as BTE) was right in front of us.

[Side note: I just checked my mail and I got my new Restoration Hardware catalog today. If this day gets any better I am gonna poo my pants. --Sex would make it better, so I hope I don't poo my pants, that would be gross]

Oh, anyway, back to BTE...We walked into Jake's and one of our ex-co-workers (?) was working the beer bucket. What a step up in the world...going from commission shoe sales at a national department store to working the beer bucket at Jake's Roadhouse...wow.

Anyway...I was going to be good. I ordered a Coke and got it for free...ROCK. But, it's just not the same without vodka, though...and I was starting to get tired. Next round I got a vodka redbull...and Lynn and I started talking about sex and porn. That was the topic of the night for everyone....fine by me. My 'being good', was not looking like it was gonna work very well. I had 2 more vodka/cokes by the time we were leaving Jake's. We left and headed next door to Stacks (AKA Wabash Yacht Club). We headed for the restrooms and then to get drinks. (Nothing says class like stainless steel prison toilets...no walls...no mirrors...and no paper towels.)

Well, I tried to be good again...I ordered a coke...again free...again ROCK. We stood at the bar for a cigarette and by the time we were done I was over the coke...and asked for a shot of vodka in it. I am helpless in situations like this...I TRY to be good...but it never happens. So, we grabbed a couple big booths (our group had grown to 12-15 people by now) and I grabbed a couple more drinks.

Lynn and I wanted to dance...So we headed across the street to Where Else?. A couple drinks (and several requests) later the DJ played BEP 'Don't Phunk with My Heart'. Except it was 'Don't Mess with My Heart'...NOT ROCK. Oh well...He also played that song 'Don't Cha' from Busta and the Pussycat Dolls...so we rocked that. It was not a very diverse night at Where Else?. At highest count there were 12 white people in the entire bar...and Lynn and I were pretty much the only ones on the dance floor at all.

Anyway...it was getting late, so we decided to head home and order bad food. SLOWLY (Lynn's drinking shoes are 2 1/2 inch heels) we walked back to Lynn's house. HUGEST dilemma of all time...what gross food do you order at 2:00 in the morning. There aren't that many options: Jimmy Johns, Mad Mushroom, La Bamba, maybe chinese. Luckily Robyn called from Taco Bell and I got a Grilled Stuffed Burrito - Chicken. (I think they actually spell it Stufft...I don't like that.)

We are going up to Chicago tonight...to stay at Lynn's friend-who-is-a-boy Paul's house. He actually lives in Evanston, but it's not that far. Well, last night Lynn wanted to call Paul. (I have a firm no drunk-dialing policy.) OOOH, it was bad...she called and left a message...it was not good. She was all "I want your penis" and "YAY penis". After she hung up she told me I had to call back and leave a better message. It didn't work...I was all "I want your penis" and "YAY penis". Oops...Paul called back...he wasn't drunk like we thought he would be...he had been in bed...So we left drunk messages for someone that was stone cold sober...not good.

Anyway...We are going to Chicago tonight...coming back on Monday, I think.

OH...the whole reason of this post is that Chaotic is on TV right now...I haven't seen an episode yet. I love Britney...she is a stupid dork just like me...Are you still my friend? What if I said I think Kevin is really hot? Yeah, I thought so...nice knowing you, LOL.

Sorry for so many tangents..this is how my brain is working today.

***I actually found a blogster from Indiana worth reading...I might be the last to jump on his bandwagon...but you should check out The Once Exciting and Now Boring Life of Me...it's on the link list.***


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Hey Dude! Thanks for the props! I just ran across your blog tonight and am linking back to ya. Hail Indiana! lol. Anyways thanks again and will be keeping an eye on you!

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