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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Here's a hint...

  • For anyone ever in West Lafayette, do not expect to get drunk at Brother's (formerly Boiler Room). I am not entirely sure what I was drinking, but I know I spent $40 and did not get a buzz on Saturday night. There is something seriously wrong when you buy a drink at 2:35am and at 2:45am are getting in line for another because that one went down like water. We started the night at Jake's. Great drinks, cheap drinks, lovely-overly-alcoholic drinks. Well, that was fine, but Brittnie and her sister were going to Brother's. Well, it IS her birthday...so we finished our drinks and headed across the street. At this point I am at a 1.2 on a scale of 0-10 drunkeness. YAY, Brother's, we're finally here. (we are now standing approximately 50 yards north of our previous location.) drink, chat, bathroom, chat, drink, chat, smoke, chat, drink, chat, weird guy in a hat buys me a drink, no chat, smoke...let's go dancing. No one dances at Brother's until after 2. I have fallen to a .7 on the scale. Let's go to Where Else?. Get in, coats checked. We are now 5 yards east of our last location. (This sounds like a word problem from 8th grade now.) We finally make it onto the dance floor and the first people I see are:
  • Bertha...approximately 300 pounds in a satin tank top.
  • John Boy...approximately more white than I am and wearing a lot of fake "bling".
  • The Wierdo Twins...approximately creepy because they are dancing behind the 2 girls I am with, but not dancing with them. Just hovering and gyrating in their direction.

One drink is not enough, I start stealing out of Lynn's straw. Still not enough. As I walk back to the bar I pass an ex co-worker. We'll call him Hottie McHottHott.

I have previously run into Hottie at the bars and proceeded to touch him in an innappropriate manner that he seemed to enjoy, but he was there with a girl. Tonight, same girl...he sees me, HUGE GRIN...everyone is now convinced he is gay and in love with me.

So, Where Else? is not happening. Back to Brother's. Why not a different bar? Because for the first time in 4 years I am out for someone's 21st birthday and they snuck under-agers in. They are now afraid to leave the bar.

So, it is now about 2:00. I have spent over $60. I am at a 1.5 on the scale. BUT! I am having fun now. we take the dance floor...we OWN the dance floor.

*CLICK* lights on...night over...sucks

ooh, tack on the cab...$10


But, I have to say I heart 'I Heart Huckabees' and I heart Bonnie.


Blogger flannel04 said...

You know, I always could get totally trashed in Where Else?. Also in the Boiler Room, but I never went after it became Brothers. I actually almost got thrown out of Where Else? once, because I spent about a half hour in the middle stall of the ladies' restroom, puking my guts out. That was a fun night. Well, until the puking.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Spiffy said...

You make me feel so old. I haven't been out to a good pukin-and-drinkin' or not-getting-drunk-but-trying-to bar since the summer in DC. I have never been to Brothers, but I will now protest it in your honor.

The Bloomington bars are way cooler. You'll see, when you are wasted for my weekend wedding.

PS. Only downside to pregnant Kristin is she can't puke with the best of us. But we'll find other ways to keep her involved.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Alliance of Power said...

You have a Brother's in Indiana? We had one in Columbus... Is it a chain?

BTW, Alliance event thursday at 3!

3:41 AM  
Blogger Extra Ordinary Boy said...

AOP...I think there are several in Indiana, actually. They come in and take over bars you didn't actually think could get worse...and they make them horrible.

10:30 AM  

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