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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

OK...So I Like Shoes.....

I'm gay, what do you expect? Of course i like shoes. They're pretty, expensive, sometimes painful, and the best ones are completely impractical.
I never realized it, but looking at that sentence makes me think...I feel the same about relationships. I think I just replaced boys with shoes. hmm...think about that twice.
OK...Eyes on the crisis...back to me now. I should probably tell you something more about myself right now in this whole 'first post' thing. I am 24 (and am staying there for a while) and live in Indiana. I work for a department store selling ladie's shoes for commission. That is only a slight conflict of interest...I love shoes and only hate about 1/2 of the ladies that shop there.
I am a little bit of an oxymoron...I am gay/I hate boys...I don't want to get married/I fight for the right to...enough about that...you'll learn as you read along with me.
Ohh Ohh...the whole reason I started this is because I have become addicted to reading blogs online. (also, my friend Tiffany has one now...and she is the Jones' that I have to keep up with)
Tiffany is my very best friend ever, since I was like 7...She is getting married in August to a great guy with an unfortunate last name. (No offense, Bill, if you ever see this, but Dwenger? really?) I am going to be her Main Honor Attendant/Man of Honor at the wedding...Super exciting n'est pas?
But that is in August and this is February. There are more pressing matters at hand. Namely...how many pairs of shoes am I going to buy next week when we have our men's wardrobe sale? and will the electric company understand why I didn't send the check when they see my new Kenneth Coles?
I feel like I could talk a lot more...but that's a good start...an "Attention Getter" if you still use terms from 9th grade Speech class.
Talk to you later, Buhbye


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