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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Getting Lucky in Kentucky...

OK, I'm not actually in KY...I am in IN.

I would like to say to a certain friend that may come across this that it is your fault I did this again! I kinda had plans with Lynn today. Nothing too specific, more of a 'call me when you get up and we'll decide' kind of thing. Well, I got up at 9:30...and thought I would wait to call, so I tried her at about 1:30...I thought that would give her plenty of time to get up and becomes acclimated to the day. (I have a feeling neither of us are morning people) No answer. No big deal. I started reading the end of Bill Clinton's book and thought I might take a nap. I woke up at about 4:00 and called again. No answer. I actually thought about leaving a message this time, even though I know her phone is full of messages that she has never listened to...and even if she decided TODAY IS THE DAY to start listening to voicemail, it would still be hours before she got to mine anyway. So, I left no message and started dinner instead. Just after I finished dinner, my friend Chris logged on to AIM.

Chris: Hey babe, wazzup?
StructureExpress: (me) not much, you?
C: nothing.
sounds exciting

C: i am in

SE: oh yeah? what are you

C: staying at a friend's house
she is at a wedding

SE: cool.
C: wanna come over?
SE: like for a movie?
C: um, sure.

So, Lynn...I leave the blame in your lap that I had sex (again) with the (UGH!) 20 year old.

I am a horrible person...I think everyone should have a f*ckbuddy at some time in your life just to know what it's like. But this has become not even sex for fun...just as a cure for boredom.

I need a hobby. Something that is very unsexy. Like the opposite of sex. Like grave-digging or something. I guess that is not so much a hobby as an unenviable occupation.

I mean, I was still at home at 10:00. Well, here it is at 1:30 am...and I've been home for about 30 minutes. I would say we weren't even together for 3 hours...more like 2. And our entire conversation was something to the effect of "I thought it would take you longer to get here." "No, I used to have a friend that lived in this neighborhood."...The remaining 1 hour and 59 minutes was sex...Cue the porn music...


It was great. Thanks Lynn


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