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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's Picture Time

I rarely (read: never) post pictures of myself and my friends on my blog. It's mostly because we rarely take pictures. (It also has a lot to do with my hatred of being photographed.

This first pic is our friend Jeff. He is the bartender that loves to get me trashed. He is also Holly's boyfriend and our all around favorite guy. This pic is from Jeff and Holly's Fiesta Mexicana on Labor Day weekend. He is holding a searchlight so people can find their liquor and condoms pouring from the pinata.

This is Dani (left), random girl I don't know (middle), and Holly (right) showing us how they like to grab and hold on. (or how they like to share...i dunno.)

This is Crystal. She is Holly's roommate (that she never lives with) and our resident jeweler. Here she is downing a Hot Damn shot she found on the ground from the pinata.

Here we go. It's me....Matty McMattMatt. I was on the deck watching all the pinata fun down below. For some reason I am drinking a Miller Lite (ugh)...you can see Lynn's sister, Robyn, behind me painfully unaware of being photographed.

Here is Holly and Crystal...and Holly's boobs. This is from Jeff's bar...our favorite spot. I can't exactly pinpoint what night this is...but they all run together anyway, so it hardly matters.

This is Dennis, Crystal, and Lynn at the bar. Dennis is Crystal's...um, something. All I know is that he is cute, nice, funny, cute, and dresses well. He's pretty cute.

This is me (left), Bill (middle), and Dennis (right)...also at the bar. Bill is the one that made out with me so I would tell Lynn that he liked her. I did make out with him, but I'm not in 3rd grade, so I didn't tell Lynn.

Here I am kissing a girl. I don't know why Lynn and I are kissing...most likely just a good photo-op. Or I was drunk...I like girls more when I am drunk.

And, last but not least, is one of the many pictures of me kissing Dennis. Lynn is peeking through from the back for some reason, and Dennis was not this bored when I kissed him for real, lol. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "random girl in the middle" is Lindsay, ex-waitress from the 'bocker; a very nice girl. Doesn't hurt that she's hot. -Holly

4:50 PM  
Blogger Rigo said...

Somoeone had a good time. Why didn't you whack the pinata?

6:56 PM  

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