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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Firefox Woes

I know a few (30%...not enough) of you use Firefox so I will throw this out there to find help or words of encouragement. Explorer users...cover your ears...you'll just be jealous.

OK, so you know how you can open and close tabs using the middle scroll wheel on your mouse? well, in the past couple days, whenever i hit the scroll wheel to do that it either opens or closes 2-3 tabs. Like, I will click it and 2-3 will open and then I will click one of those and they will ALL close. This has happened once before...but went away. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Another thing: I DLed a smooth-scroll extension for, well, smoother scrolling. I find, though, that often when I scroll my button down it actually scrolls the page up...or won't move it at all, really...just up and down a few lines, like it's bumping into something. (I know that sounds stupid, but it really is what it seems like.) Anyone on that one?

Just thought I would ask...thanks.


Anonymous Aaron said...

Sounds like its time for Matty McMatt to get a new mouse. Mine never does that. Sounds like there is some hand salsa in your scroll! :-)

8:40 AM  

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