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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Artist's Rendering

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It's been a regular party at my house tonight. I was looking through my computer, trying to clean things up a little bit and I thought I would listen to some music. I have a lot of music, so I rarely pick particular songs to listen to...I just open WMP and hit Play All Music. Tonight, though, when I did that, something struck me as odd. Down at the bottom of the playlist it gives you an estimated time for the list. Imagine my shock/horror/surprise when I saw it said 155 hours. Yes, that's right...ONE HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE HOURS...of music. That means I could listen to just the music I already own and it would take me 6 1/2 DAYS without interruption to hear every file.

Now, I say every file, not every song...let me clear things up. I tend to have a couple (three) versions of almost every song. You know, I have the original released version...but then Peter Pauhofer did such a better job, so I have that mix...and then Ralphi Rosario got ahold of it and it's KILLER now...so I have that version. It gets to be too much, evidently, after a while. It's the subtle differences in each one that make them special. There are certain songs that I can identify by just one burst of noise...artist, title, dj, and (sometimes) the club I first heard it at. They all sound the same to other people, but one oomsa-oomsa-oomsa-crash is completely different from another oomsa-crash-oomsa-oomsa. (I can hear those sounds in my head...Ami knows what oomsa sounds like...)

So, I set about (please forgive me) deleting songs. The only way to do this, of course, was to set everything up in a playlist and listen to them all individually. (After I got rid of the obvious garbage...just stuff that I have't listened to in forever.) Well, you will be happy to know (or not) that I managed to get my 155 hours of music down to a reasonable 56 hours. Yes...I deleted 99 hours worth of music and now I can only listen to music continually for 2 1/3 days.

Oh, and apologies to everyone...a lot of you...that IMed me tonight and missed me. Remember I told you about the pizza? It was horrible, by the way. Well, Matty McMattMatt is a little lactose intolerant. It's not usually a problem, but Matty chased those 2 slices of pizza with a cream cheese brownie and a tall glass of milk. It was all Matty could do not to throw up. So, I laid down and ended up falling asleep...missing all you lovely folks that wanted to chat. SORRY!


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