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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thanks, You Guys...

So, I had a little meltdown on Tuesday. It sounded a lot worse than it actually was...mostly because I didn't censor what I was saying and about a week's worth of emotions were spewed into one crazy post.

I am not going crazy...at least no more than the fun level of crazy that I tend to be all the time.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that commented/AIMed/e-mailed me. I heard from people I never expected to...and some people I don't even know.

Sometimes, when you're feeling very alone...you are just ignoring the people that you KNOW love and care for you.

I find it funny to see how certain people react to emotion. My friends tend to be fairly stoic. Not in a bad way...more of a 'you know I'm here if you need me...but please don't need me' kind of way.

On a different note...Holly said her friend Joe, that I met Saturday night, wants to see me again. I was a little upset that I was so drunk when I met him the first time...but Holly said he was wasted, too. He is opening a new restaurant, Lafayette City Grill, here in town. It is going to be a Chicago-style steakhouse right here in little old Lafayette. I think it is a very cool idea and I am really excited about meeting him again.

Most of you don't know this...but you do now. Since February, I have been living in my grandmother's house. This has served a dual-purpose. She is 76 and has some health problems. Sometimes she needs someone around to do things that she can't...and just having someone around to talk to helps her. It doesn't hurt that my monthly bills have been cut in half, either. I don't mean to make it out that she is an invalid...she still works and is self-sufficient, but there are things that she can't do.

I realized, though, on Tuesday, that I haven't had ANY time alone in the past 5 months. If I am at home...so is she. The only time I am in the house by myself is if, like today, I work late in the day...Then I have an hour or so to myself. I think that has been my problem...I am pretty selfish in how I spend my time. Most times, I want to be surrounded by people...I enjoy crowds and tend to hate being by myself. BUT...when I do want to be alone, I tend to lose patience with anyone that would like to interrupt that. I'm fickle like that.

Anyway...Thank you all for your kind words.


Blogger Matt S. said...

Everyone needs personal time sometimes, that is understandable. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Good luck with meeting the new prospect again! Crossing fingers.

4:16 PM  

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