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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Another shooting in Evanston, IL...

I don't know if this is one of those self-fulfilling prophecy things or what. (That is not really the wording I was going for, but I can't remember...) You know how it is...You buy a Volkswagen and all the sudden it seems like EVERYONE drives a VW. That's how it seems with Evanston.

Lynn's friend-who-is-a-boy, Paul, is living in Evanston for the summer. In just the past couple months there have been 3-4 shootings on Chicago's North Shore. This one was not fatal, but others have been. Evanston is a great town thisclose to Chicago...literally one block out of the city. I have always liked Evanston and got to spend quite a bit of time there when we visited Paul a month or so ago. Just wierd that I am hearing so much about shootings there...bizarre.

In other Chicago news: Naperville, IL was named the 3rd best city to live in. My friend Brittnie is from Naperville, and I know she sure loves it. If you have to live int he suburbs, I guess Naperville would be the place to be...30 miles (45 minutes) out of the city and TONS of stuff to do. The downside, I guess, would be home prices. Supposedly, you can get a house for $250,000...but don't expect to actually find anything for less than $500,000...and that's if you can find a house that isn't being torn down to make way for the multi-million dollar homes springing up all around the city.

So, in conclusion: Move to Chicago...You'll love it. Just make sure you live in Naperville instead of Evanston. *Don't look...They'll shoot you!*


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