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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Listen To The Music

So, um.....

We went out last night. And I said goodbye to the last bit of willpower I ever pretended to have. I am supposed to be saving money for the wedding and other related expenses. So, I went out instead. Holly's boyfriend is the bartender at the Knickerbocker. (Indiana's oldest bar...they'll tell you the story.)

When we got there Holly had gone to dinner with our friend Michelle who moved to Indianapolis recently. After our second round of drinks, in they burst through the door in all their drunken glory. We all sat around a big table and, literally, laughed our asses off. (When I say literally, I mean I fell of my chair laughing at least once.) Suddenly the topic of kissing came up and Lynn started telling stories. It is pretty widely known that when I get drunk, I want to make out with someone. The very first night that I went out with Lynn and her friends we ended up making out on the porch of James' house -- much to their shock...I had just been introduced as 'Lynn's Gay Friend'. Shit happens. A few months later at Where Else, Holly introduced us to her friend Greg-with-the-huge-penis. (I think that's his actual name.) Holly and I ended up making out that night. Hell, almost everyone made out that night.

So, I'm not entirely sure why or how...but I ended up in the women's restroom with Michelle...making out in a stall. It was ridiculous. I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out my sexuality, lol. (And trying to convince Michelle that I wanted to date her.) I was seriously on the verge of straightness when Holly introduced me to Joe...her older, handsome, successful (and gay) friend. I liked him. So I am pretty sure I am gay -- don't worry.

I also ran into my old roommate, Mollie. She is a singer. Great singer. Best singer I have ever known. Her band, tonedefsystems allstars, is awesome. They are a very unique blend of techno, hip-hop, vocals, and I don't know what else. Click over to their website and hit 'artists' 'tonedefsystems allstars' to hear Mollie and the guys do their thing. (Quicktime required) '765' is one of my favorite songs on there. It's about Lafayette, our hometome, and includes a snip of another great song about Lafayette, 'Paradise City.' "Take me down to the paradise city - Where the grass is green - and the girls are pretty - Won't you please take me home" Also listen to 'Where Were You'.

She used to sing blues, and you can tell in her voice. She always reminds me of Janice Joplin when I hear her live. If you could persuade her to sing 'Me and Bobby McGee' you would be very lucky, indeed. I remember one night, while we were living together, that we scraped our money together (CoinStar was involved) and headed down the street to a local bar. There were only about 20 people in the bar and after a couple rounds I convinced her to sing. Just sitting on barstools in a local gay dive she busted Bobby McGee out...a capella...and got a standing ovation. I love that woman. We loved living together...she liked the way the bathroom smelled after I showered, (I don't think her previous roommate showered that often) and when she would sing in the shower, I would sit in the hallway and listen. We only lived together for a year, but we packed a lot of experiences in. (We were on Ricki Lake together...I know I keep promising to talk about that...but this is not the post.)

Oh, I also drunk dialed Adam last night when I got home. I have no idea what time it was or what I said...but I know I was drinking another beer at the time. That was probably a bad idea. I didn't get out of bed today until 4:00...and that was only to get food. I am going back to bed...enjoy the music.


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