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Sunday, July 03, 2005

I Got Soul, But I'm Not A Soldier...

Just got back from a great show in Indianapolis. Lynn's brother is in a band that was in a showcase tonight atthesecretlocation. We showed up at around 9:30 or so and it was just getting started. America Owns The Moon was playing when we got there. They were pretty good, but we were outside smoking and talking to people through most of their set. When we got inside Box Social was setting up to play. They are from Milwaukee and they were super good...and super cute. ;) They were very energetic, and everyone totally got into it. The guy that played the guitar but was not singing (I don't know the terminology) was by far the cutest guy there. Everyone I have ever met from Wisconsin has always been hot...they certainly continued the trend. Kevin's band was next. He was in a band that I saw last summer called the KPL Project, but ROOMS is much better, in my opinion. After them was the last band of the night. e=mchammer is also from Milwaukee...invasion of the Wisconsinites. The guy playing the guitar was wearing a tutu and a belly shirt...the guy attacking the keyboard was wearing only boxer shorts and plastic spoons taped over his nipples. Interesting to say the least...and their first song was called Gaysplosion...it was a lot of yelling, so I don't know what it was about, lol. Anyway, it was a good night...and cheap. A $5 donation for the travelling bands and $5 for a cd from Kevin's band...not bad. We met an awesome guy named Zane who was a super cute soccer player. He was fairly drunk, but obviously knew me well enough to say that I should change my middle name to Dangerous. I'll have to think about it...Matty 'Dangerous' McMattMatt? What do you think?

We are going to Chicago tomorrow...heading up in the afternoon. I won't be back until Tuesday, so there won't be any posting until then, at least. Have a happy fourth, everyone...and don't blow your fingers off, ok?

ROOMS, e=mchammer, America Owns the Moon, Box Social


Blogger Pimpin' said...

Hmm... I think Danger Matt has a pretty good ring to it

5:31 PM  
Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

e=mchammer? LMAO, gotta love a band with a brain.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

You'd better post something soon... You know how I love living vicariously through you...

2:40 PM  

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