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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Finally, tonight, President Bush will speak to the American people directly about the situation in Iraq. I have made it no secret that I support our troops but not our continued involvement in Iraq. I, personally, have known at least half a dozen families that have lost daughters and sons in this war. Most of these were children younger than me that didn't agree with President Bush's actions in the middle east. They joined the armed forces for varying reasons: money for college, family legacy, a will to help our country and better themselves. And now they are gone.

In an e-mail from John Kerry today come these talking points...things that I would LOVE to hear from Mr. Monkey Mouth tonight...

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Here's what I think President Bush needs to address tonight - and we need to hold him accountable:

* The president must announce immediately that the United States will not have a permanent military presence or bases in Iraq.

* The United States must also insist that the Iraqis establish a truly inclusive political process and meet the deadlines for finishing the constitution and holding elections in December.

* We need to put the training of Iraqi troops on a true six month wartime footing and ensure that the Iraqi government has the budget needed to deploy them.

* The administration needs to work not just at security but at reconstruction -- Iraqis need to see the electricity working and the water flowing.

* The administration needs to get Iraq's neighbors off the sidelines -- they can't afford a failed Iraq on their doorstep, and Bush-style unilateralism needs to bend to getting these countries on board.

* And the administration must immediately draw up a detailed plan with clear milestones for the transfer of military and police responsibilities to Iraqis after the December elections. The plan should be shared with Congress.
In other Bush news: In only two days, President Bush is expected to announce his plan - America's plan - for the G8 Summit. Will it be bold and historic, or small and cautious? YOU can help decide. From helping children in Africa get the hope of an education to stopping the spread of malaria and AIDS, we finally have the tools, resources and ability to fight poverty - and it's only a matter of will. Please go to ONE.org and add your voice to a letter to President Bush.

By the way...It's official! No matter what happens, Curious George will only be our president for 1300 more days as of tomorrow. It sounds like a lot...but I'll just take it one day at a time, and keep busting his ass when he fucks up.


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