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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Someone just asked me how I decide how often and what to post on this blog. I don't decide...it just happens. I sometimes feel the need to say things and this is where I do. It's not usually very important or earth-shattering things. Most often it is just me blurting out things that cross my mind and too often it is a self-serving pity party. I said I post a few times a week...I had no idea how much I have posted. This one you are reading right now is #213. I started this blog on a whim in late February of this year...153 days now. I have averaged 1.3 posts per day. WOW. I talk a lot. And people are reading a lot. I put up a SiteMeter on March 27th and since then have had 4,806 visits and 8,410 page views.

Thanks for reading my stories, rants, raves, and cries. I'll be here and I hope you will keep coming back.


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