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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Dream in Stream of Consciousness

I had a dream this afternoon while I took my nap before mowing the lawn. It was a combination of reading Me Talk Pretty One Day and having the tv on. I thought about posting it...but I didn't want to take the time to write it down. But, tonight, while talking to IncognitoQueer* I recounted my memory of it. So, I present to you now...my dream in AIM format.

StructureExpress (10:43:42 PM): i dreamt that lynn and i were going on vacation in paris...but then it was not really a vacation, but a race (like the amazing race)
IncognitoQueer (10:44:02 PM): I would love to be on the amazing race
StructureExpress (10:44:08 PM): it was lynn vs me and we had to start in south africa
StructureExpress (10:44:30 PM): she found a lady (megan mullaly) to help her and i got dr. phil to help me
IncognitoQueer (10:44:42 PM): Wow... you are crazy even in your dreams
StructureExpress (10:44:56 PM): dr phil had a motorcycle that went twice as fast if you turned it sideways.
StructureExpress (10:45:10 PM): then we found out that megan mullaly and dr phil were married...
StructureExpress (10:45:53 PM): and they drug us all the way to paris behing their motor home on those folding chaise lounges (the ones with the nylon webbing)
StructureExpress (10:46:01 PM): and we stopped at my grandparent's farm...
StructureExpress (10:46:14 PM): where i met a cute farm guy and stopped to have sex...
StructureExpress (10:46:33 PM): i thought lynn was going to win, but i won because there was a rule that you had to have sex along the way and she forgot to
StructureExpress (10:46:44 PM): so then she said she would have sex with dr phil...but he said no
StructureExpress (10:46:49 PM): and then i woke up

* Names have been changed. Not so much to protect anyone, but I don't like publishing other people's AIM names.


Blogger Incognito said...

Thanks for keeping my identity an uber-secret... you are still crazy though!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Ethan said...

I would love to see the sex challenge on Amazing Race! Could be hilarious!

3:50 PM  

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