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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Since my last post my e-mailboxes have been exploding...

I am actually expecting an e-mail, so everytime I hear the "YAHOOOOOO!" or the ding from G-Mail I hop to the computer. Well, I haven't gotten anything that I was expecting, but I did get a couple dozen e-mails from orgs that I belong to and readers of Tragic Demise. I hadn't fully grasped the number of organizations that recieve support (monetary or otherwise) from me. I heard from SaveTheCourt.org, People for the American Way, True Majority Action, HRC, John Kerry, Senator Evan Bayh and YP4 along with some old colleagues from Campus for Choice. Most of the e-mails I got from readers were in line with my thinking..."Fuck Me"...but some of my readers tend to the conservative side. I wasn't aware of that...but I certainly didn't mean to offend.

The problem is...when things I believe in are endangered, I tend to speak up...I would expect you to do the same. In other words...I thank you for sharing your ideas, but don't expect that you are going to do much to dissuade me from by beliefs.

(And try to be a little more polite in your e-mails...it's just nice.)


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