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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hoodily Doodily

Haven't posted in a couple days...no biggie...

Friday night we went out to the Knickerbocker and (I) got wasted. We had a (literal) load of fun. We are now known there as the 'Shoe Crew'...I think it might be spelled "Shew Crew", but I am not sure... I finally got home at about 4:00 (I think) on Saturday morning and had to be at work at 9:45...that was fun. Did nothing Saturday night but try to watch MADTV. It was actually pretty funny, but my digital cable kept pixelating on me...sucks. Sunday...work again...nothing exciting, but a pretty good day in sales.

My friend John from Boston was in town Sunday, and I was supposed to meet him to do something... He called me at 8:57 and said they were going to watch QAF at my friend Swen's house. Well, I haven't seen John in 4 years and haven't seen Swen in 3...and he said there were "bunches and whole gobs" of people over. I wasn't up for that, so I promised him I would visit him in Boston soon.

Got an AIM from Lynn...Poker at Jeff and Holly's...sounds like fun to me. We got there at about 10:30...my old boss' husband was playing. AWKWARD... He left soon, though...

We drank much beer, had much laughs... Holly is now OFFICIALLY (there have been studies done) known as Hoodily Doodily...and Lynn continues to gather random nicknames. We met Ted...super cute...good poker player...I got to sit next to him for a good hour...he smelled good, too. We met Zach...also pretty cute...much better at conversation. Then we met 'Doc'. HILARIOUS. 49 years old...was in the NAVY SEALS for 14 1/2 years. Shot 12 times...grenades 2 times...something like that...has 14 purple hearts...WHAT?!?!?! Yeah, that's what I said. He told great jokes...NAVY jokes, Irish jokes, gay jokes.....and I asked him for a Scottish joke. (My father's family is 100% Scottish.)

  • Why wasn't the baby Jesus born in Scotland?
  • They couldn't find 3 wise men, let alone one virgin!

(I've heard that joke before...using just about every country...but it's still hilarious...)

So...We drank all of the Rolling Rock that we brought with us...and then some Natty Light...YECH! Jeff had managed to get 2 30-packs for $20, and he was proud. I don''t know about proud...I could go buy 18 bags of cat shit for a buck, but I wouldn't.

Super hysterical fun was had...good times...noodle soup.

(By the way...If I hear about one more of my 'straight' girl friends admitting their lesbian tendencies...I might just explode.)

OK...well, off to bed with me now. I bought Me Talk Pretty One Day at Walden Books today...So I am spending my night with David Sedaris...until I have to wake up at 8:45 for work...and now it is 3:30...YAY

(By the way, I am a little drunk...just a little.)


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