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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Team Aniston

Am I the last to know that Brad Pitt has viral meningitis? I guess if he weren't galavanting around the globe with his new hussy he wouldn't have to worry about things like that. (I wonder if being diagnosed with meningitis adversely affects your chances at adoption?)

By the way...about that...Supposedly Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are co-adopting a child. How does that work? They aren't married (to each other)...and have made no plans to, as far as I know. I didn't realize that two people, famous as they may be, could make and break adoption laws...I don't see it happening.

Oh and, Brad Pitt, you are TOTALLY losing the media in this...Jennifer is being quiet and private about her life...AS SHOULD YOU! No one likes you with Jolie...Kitson says so. They were selling the infamous 'Team Aniston' and 'Team Jolie' baseball tees earlier this summer...and good ole Jen won out, hands down...

Maybe it is true that Brad and Jen had agreed to have a family at X time in X number of years...but, who can blame Jennifer for wanting a career, too? Yes, she was on one of the most wildly successful sitcoms of all time...but then her film career 'took off'. I don't blame her for wanting to get everything out of it while she can..we all know movies are a fickle business.

OOOH...and did we all here that Prince Albert (in a can) has a little bastard baby? Evidently, a couple years ago, he had a little fly in the sky with an Air France flight attendant. And all this time we were worried that the royal line of Monaco might collapse due to lack of heirs. Nicole Coste is her name and, I believe, she is French. The best information on her I can get is from Paris Match magazine. My French is a little rusty, but from what I can gather she was married at the time they met. She was working as a flight attendant on a flight he took from Paris to Nice. She divorced the next year and, evidently, they were not secretive about their relationship. She does admit, though, that after meeting Prince Albert's father, they were much more discreet about their little tryst. Those wacky Monaco-ans...they'll invite anyone into the royal bloodline, won't they?


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