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Friday, July 15, 2005

Drinking and Kissing Catholics...

A word about the counter...I looked at the page yesterday, as I tend to do, and saw that the counter had dropped by 1,000. I didn't think 1,000 people had UNvisited me, so I went to SiteMeter and added 1,000 back on to make it correct again. OOPS...that extra zero really threw it for a loop....and it corrected itself. So, although it was nice to see a BIG number like 14,000, it wasn't true. :( I am still at 4,000 and change. (Which I think is superb considering my -extremely- low expectations for this endeavor.)

Tonight Holly, Lynn, Paul, Robyn, Stacy, and I are hitting the Bocker (Knickerbocker for those of you that are not local...BiggerKnockers for those of you that are drunk.) tonight for drinks. Not a great idea since Lynn and I both have to work at 10:00 in the morning...but a good enough idea, anyway. Joe (The Guy I Am Supposed To Meet) might be there, too...so I have to get all cuted up.

In ENTIRELY other news, someone got here today by searching for Hottie Pope on Google. I am on there...results page 31-40...but definitely listed. PLEASE tell me this person was not describing Benedict XVIIPQL...PLEASE. I get some VERY strange Google's...but that one was good, lol. My most often referred search is for this pic...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
from a quiz I took over 3 months ago. It was 'What Kind of Hot Boy Kiss Are You?' and I got:

You are a School Boy Kiss!! you're a deprived catholic school boy who needs some action...don't get caught in the locker room!

Evidently, it's a very popular search term...for catholic school boys kissing...I get at least 4-5 hits a day for that pic. I like it, too, lol...

So, have a good night everyone...and a good weekend.


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