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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Uckadoo...and I mean that...

If you believe everything you read on Page 6 (and you do, right?) Bruce Willis needs to realize that Demi might be able to get the naughty she needs from someone 1/2 her age...but he can not. I, personally, will not allow it. Beyond that, it's a little ishy to know that the Lohan has 'La Bella Vista' (The Beautiful View) tagged on her ass. After seeing sex tapes of Paris and the Durst and just imagining that tattoo...I know far too much about the private parts of celebs that are at the low end of my Love-List.

On another note, The Donald has scrapped plans that would make his new Chicago building the tallest in the country. Even after all the redesigns, it's not an oh-so-attractive building...If you're going to build an ugly building you mat as well make it the tallest ugly building. Just me, I guess

That's all my rants for now...HiHo HiHo, It's off to work I go...


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