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Monday, February 13, 2006

Suddenly I See

We can't even trust our Vice President to have a gun without shooting someone. There's an argument for gun control if I ever heard one. I just think it's hilarious. (Not for the guy that got shot, obviously.) Let's not give our senior citizen heart patients hunting guns, ok?

I bought a new cd yesterday...and you know what that means...New Music of the Moment for you! YAY! I picked up KT Tunstall's CD Eye to the Telescope on my lunchbreak. I haven't even had a chance to listen to it all the way through, though, because I keep skipping and replaying this song.

KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See

Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm

Suddenly I see
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see
Why the hell it means so much to me

I feel like walking the world
Like walking the world
You can hear she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white
Makes you feel warmer when you're trying to remember
What you heard
She likes to leave you hanging on a wire

Suddenly I see

And she's taller than most
And she's looking at me
I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine
Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower
A big strong tower
She got the power to be
The power to give
The power to see

Suddenly I see


Blogger J James (a.k.a. Rolo Tomasi) said...

Thankfully there is always an ambulance within 20 yards of the Vice President. This helps HIM when he has his bi-weekly heart attack...and helps the victims of his gun violence.

10:31 PM  

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