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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

OK, So Here's The Thing -

Here's the thing.

Heres the thing.

heres the thing.



I dunno what the thing is.

I don't know what is going on. I don't know what to call it. It could be Seasonal Affective Disorder. It could be depression. It might just be apathy. I haven't had anything to talk about - nothing to say. I haven't been doing anything...haven't been talking to anyone (save David...Hey D!).

This was how I felt all week last week. Then, on Saturday, Lynn called me after work and asked if I wanted to go out and play. We headed to the Knickerbocker for a drink and soon realized that it wasn't what we were looking for. We took a quick trip across the river to Chauncey and headed to Where Else? for some dancing. I didn't realize that a quick change of plans would turn into a huge gay reunion. As we walked in the door I though I saw an old friend Jake from across the bar. The last I knew, Jake had moved to Arizona, though, so I didn't think anything of it.

After Lynn and I got our drinks, I realized I had left my cigarettes in my pocket when I checked my coat. (Yeah - we can still smoke in bars.) I went back to the coat check to get them and as I was rifling through my wallet for the ticket he said, "Don't worry about it - I remember you...cute black wool car coat, right?" This caught me by surprise. He had seen at least 25 people hand him coats since I was up there and he remembered not only seeing me - but what coat I was wearing, too. (And must have paid pretty close attention because he knew it was a car coat and not a pea coat that everyone else around here has.) I told him I just needed in the pocket for a minute and he said, "Good, I wouldn't want you to leave so soon." "Thanks." "No problem, sweetie." (hmm...that sure put my dar on alert, lol.)

Anyway, when I got back to Lynn the new Eminem song came on and we headed for the dance floor. When we got there I saw my Maybe-Jake a few people over. When I saw him lean into the cutie next to him and kiss - I knew I had found my man. ;) After a few songs, we went to the back bar to get another drink and ran into him there. We had the regular kiss-kiss hello and started chatting. While we were talking, my attenion wandered back to the dance floor. There was a whole gaggle of faggots on the upper level! Lynn and I headed up and started dancing with my old friends Jamie, Erik, and Tony. Jamie and I had the typical gay hello after a long absence. (We complimented each other's hair and asses, lol.) We had a blast with all the boys and Lynn had an apt observance...She had just met almost as many of my friends than she had in the entire 2 years we have known each other. The whole group of us danced till last call and Lynn proclaimed Jamie's ass 'The Best in the Bar'...although I think she had only felt a couple dozen of them.

As they were pushing us out the door at 3:00 we stopped to get our coats. The coat guy still remembered me and made some small talk as he got my coat. I was sure he was gay by this point, but I knew that I was too tired to be cute and too drunk to be witty, so we took our leave. We met up with the boys outside on the sidewalk and did the hugs/kisses thing and promised to see each other again. As we headed down the sidewalk, I thought about how nice it was to be all bundled up with a slight buzz walking through the streets of Chauncey. We headed towards Triple XXX for breakfast, but it was packed and we decided to just head home.

We were supposed to go to Britt's house on Sunday for the end of the Super Bowl and Grey's Anatomy, but Lynn and Britt were both sick from the night before and our plans were trashed.

I am planning on a haircut soon - I think. I have had a recent crisis in that the two people I trust to cut my hair have moved. My friend Shelby is finishing up at a beauty academy downtown and just needs a few haircuts to finish up. I am going to give her a chance, I think. I found the hair I want, and it's pretty similar to what my hair is naturally approaching. I have searched all over the internets for the pics but can't find them. If you happen to have an old issue of Vitals Man magazine with Adrien Brody on the cover, you can find the hair in the feature article on Lou Taylor Pucci.

So, there's a post - that wasn't so painful. Maybe I can get back into the swing of things on here. Feel free to leave me a comment if you're still reading - I think I will be motivated to write if I know people are still out there, lol.

Thanks y'all!


Blogger Aaron said...

Hey babe..
I'm still around, glad to see you back again !

9:36 AM  
Blogger kinkyrhombus said...

i've been having some early months of the year posting ineptitude too. things have been quietly humming about. it happens.

i'm still readin!

3:14 PM  
Blogger Fauxmosexual said...

Im back and im glad to see you are still writing

4:24 PM  

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