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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wasted Lives




Remember me?

I'm the guy that used to spew every useless thought he had onto this page.

I'm also the guy that kinda got bitten in the ass for it.

I was recently contacted by a not-so-friendly-breakup ex. He said he came across TragicDemise when he googled his name. (Unlikely, as I have never mentioned him or his name on this blog...) He challenged the things I have written here...the person I claim to be...the honesty I claim to express in what I put here. I basically quit writing. Well, I wrote - deleted - wrote - deleted...I thought about giving up the blog altogether.

But, I won't.

I am not sure how (or if) I should respond to what he said. This page will, as always, be a place for me to keep memories and items that I would like to remember - a place for me to express myself - a place for me to meet and befriend special people like I already have.

So, you'd think that I would have a lot to share, having not written for a long time. Problem is: I can't remember any of it, lol. (Another great reason to have a blog...helps me remember when things happened.) What I have done lately is read a lot of books and buy a lot of CDs. I bought Madonna's new cd, the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, and got a cd from a new(?**) band called The Academy Is. (Prompting me to decide that if I ever start a band it will be called And The Grammy Goes To.) I bought an finished 'The Rules of Attraction' and 'The Informers', both by Bret Easton Ellis. I also read 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' and I am in the middle of 'A Million Little Pieces'.

** David - You'll have to help me on this.

You know, there has been a lot of controversy about the 'truthiness' of this memoir. My opinion tends to be that a memoir does not need to be a completely factual representation of events. Really, who doesn't embellish their true stories a little bit when they are telling them. Whether it be to make a person look better (or worse) or just to engage the attention of the audience...I think the disputed points of the book are negligible. (It's an amazing book as far as I am concerned.)

So, Brokeback Mountain was finally released here in Lafayette. It's not playing at the luxury theater at Wabash Landing (the theater closest to Purdue University where I think it would play well.) It's playing at Eastside 9...a low-rent theater that I have not been to in years. YEARS! Holly called me about 3:00 this afternoon and said that she and Dani were going and invited me. Of course I went. We went to the 4:00 show and were joined by 6 women in their mid-40's and a couple fag-less hags. (That was interesting...seeing an identifiable hag in her natural habitat sans fag.) I enjoyed the movie (and the soundtrack), but it was not all I had been told to expect. There were parts that I laughed at...and I did have a tear in my eye (but not on my cheek) at the end. Honestly, I cried more at RENT. I am supposed to see BBM again this weekend with Lynn, though, and maybe it will affect me more. The title of this post basically sums up my thoughts on the movie. It was disheartening to see so many wasted lives...and who and what can be affected by not admitting and trying to hide truths.

Wow, this really is a rambling post...thanks for sticking with me this far. (There are rewards coming.)

We hae new Music of the Moment from The Academy Is. 'Checkmarks' is on their album 'Almost Here'. And, hey, they're from Chicago, so you can hardly go wrong.

OK, now it's Picture Pages time.

This is an actual license plate issued to a computer company in FL. I love it...and wonder how many homosupergays want that plate now, lol.

And now (drumroll please) I present what you can't find anywhere else. (Well, as of a week ago you couldn't.) I have yet to see the Colin Farrell sex tape, but I have seen dozens of pics from it. I've been told that the quality of the video is severely lacking, but these pics are quite enlightening. Let's leave my comments at this: He's no Long Dong Silver...but it's something I would like to try. (From 12 feet away in a biohazard containment suit for my own protection.)

As these pics are supremely NSFW (unless you work for Vivid Video or something) I have created an album here that you can check out. If that link doesn't work for you, email me at tragicdemise@gmail.com and I can send them your way. :)


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OMG...he's back. I have to admit I was wondering what was up? I kept checking back to find nada. Glad you stuck it out and are still around. I am getting more and more local readers at my blog which makes me a little unfomfy but I say fuckem all!

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