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Friday, January 06, 2006

Tom - Kat = Single-Actress-Mommy

It's still early...

It's only a rumor...

You all know I am not one to believe rumors...

(haHA...wow, I almost kept a straight face during that last one, lol)

In the best news I have heard in months - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are breaking up. Evidently the holidays with the Holmes' didn't go so well. Someone in the House of Holmes finally realized that their daughter has been abducted and replaced by a hand puppet. (It's tricky for a guy as short as Tom to control a puppet larger than himself, but I guess he has to be talented at SOMETHING.)

I feel bad for Katie. (Can we call her Katie again?) It was going to be bad enough to be Tom Cruise's 3rd wife...and have his (biological, HAH) baby. Now she is just that girl that used to be on the Creek and got knocked up by the crazy guy back in '05.

Crazy kids.....


Blogger Jay Six said...

If that's true, she's not quite the idiot I've been calling her all year long. If not, this will be one hilarious E! True Hollywood Story in a few years.

1:29 AM  

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