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Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh, What A Year It Was

As promised, here are pics from NYE at the Knickerbocker last weekend. I will do my best to caption them...The band featured was Jakob Best Outfit. There are more pictures, so if you don't see yourself yet, don't worry. I will post them as soon as I get around to editing myself out of them. ;)

Ben and Josh

Doc and Holly

I don't know this guy with Ben

Josh and Crystal

Holly and friends

Jeff - My favorite bartender


I don't remember their names...he used to date my friend Nyssa

Dan - my favorite doorman

Dani - my favorite girl bartender

Billy and a friend...I don't remember her name


Lynn's girls

Robyn, Matt, Lynn, Dustin, Karl

This is what my memory of the night is like...pretty dark and very blurry.

and Karl titillating the audience


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