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Sunday, February 12, 2006

OOOH! It's New and Shiny!

I am going to do something new starting this week on TragicDemise. Above you will find a post titled "if of the day". Each day (mostly, lol) I will post a new 'if' for you to answer in the comment section. We're starting out with an easy one...but some of them will be tricky.

I had to work today till 7:00 and then Lynn and I headed to the Landing for a movie. When we got there, though, we had just missed the start of 'When a Stranger Calls' and didn't see anything else worth watching that started in the next hour or so. Instead, we headed over to Borders and hung out there for a couple hours. We snagged armloads of magazines and went to a couple chairs over in the music section. We spent at least an hour flipping thought magazines looking for my perfect new haircut, but kept getting distracted by hot men. (It didn't help that we picked out Genre, OUT, XY, Instinct, etc. lol) We finally found it in GQ and now I know what to show Shelby on Tuesday.

We were going to go to Panera for coffee, but we had spent so much time at Borders that they had already closed, so we headed home. I just realized, actually, that I missed Des Wives and Grey's. :( Sad day.

Keep tuning in for more ifs!


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