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Monday, May 02, 2005

My Hell

There is a local bookstore that will remain un-named that is airing a commercial with a person from my past (who will also go un-named) about 18 times a day. It was bad enough when it was just TV...now it's on the radio, too...even more often.

There are 3 characters in this story:
  • T
  • H
  • M - Me
T was dating H for quite a while. T was good for H...T made H feel good about himself and take care of himself...H was kinda hot when he was dating T. M became friends with T, and consequently H. T and H broke up, which tends to happen when M becomes friends with someone. T was going to move away in a couple months and T and M decided they would 'date' in the meantime. During that time, T and M decided to 'have sex', too...T and M were good at sex. Well, H caught wind of this and wanted to join T and M and so it was...One night at T's house T, H, and M had their little 3some. It was a one-time thing, mostly because H was not so good at it. Anyway, the time came for T to move and M was not crushed...M was fine.

After T moved away, M and H started hanging out. H had started to revert to his pre-T state, caring less and looking like it...But, there was still a ghost of the goodness that had been. H invited M over one night for Cosmos and 'Trick'*. Well, while drinking Cosmos by the quart, one tends to spill...and H did. During clean-up, H got a little frisky and they ended up in the bedroom where they proceeded to have moderately enjoyable sexual activity. The biggest problem was that H still had cranberry juice staining his hands and transferred that juice in very clear handprints to the wall above his bed. M was told later that even a coat of paint did not diminish the clarity of said stains.

If you haven't guessed by this point...H is the man in the commercial. And I am repeatedly reminded of this night every time I see/hear the commercial.

* - It is a little known fact that I can not make it through the movie Trick without having sex. I don't think this is a testament to the quality of the movie...probably just the company I keep and the alcohol I drink while watching it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you sex machine you... =D ~Ann

10:29 PM  

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