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Monday, May 02, 2005

Touchfest '05

So, Friday night was a success...let's try again Saturday. I got back over to Lynn and Robyn's apartment and we headed out to Harry's again. A lot of our friends are fratties and they had their end of the year roast Saturday night, so we knew they would be out. We showed up at about 12:30 or so and proceeded to get loaded within 1/2 an hour. Everyone...EVERYONE...was trying to get some Saturday night. The really sad part was that there were only 5 girls for the group of about 25-30 guys. All in all, it was a great time at Harry's...there was dancing, lots of drinking, and then there was dancing on tables. Dollars were tucked, tongues were slipped, friends were made, drinks were spilled. (It's not every night that you undress to find 3 dollars and 100 rupees in your underwear.)

After last call we headed back to L & R's to get vodka and went to Elkins' again. I remember very little about what happened after that. I know that in DC there is a guy named Joe that had a camera-phone picture of me e-mailed to him at about 4:30 sunday morning. Emily, a girl I met that night, is friends with him and obviously because he is gay and I am gay, we must meet each other. It promises to be a match made in gay heaven. I gave her my e-mail address and she said he will be visiting in a few weeks...I'll be sure to keep you all posted on any developments.

Woke up Sunday morning with Cheeto on one sofa, me on another, Aschy sleeping with Lynn and Robyn all by herself...Managed to order Jimmy John's and covet a slice of cake that I saw on TV...that is all that was accomplished yesterday...

On another note, I have a problem...an addiction, maybe. I tip too much. Sometimes WAY too much. I tend to tip $2-$3 for each drink I get in a night...And some of those drinks are only $3-$4. And if the server makes a mistake...they tend to get a bigger tip because I feel bad for them. Like Friday night at Harry's, our server brought me the 2 Absolut/Sprites that I ordered...but the Sprite was out...so it tasted like crap. I called her back over and told her...and asked for Coke. I not only paid and tipped for the 2 undrinkable Sprite drinks...I paid and tipped for the Coke drinks...AND THEN...I gave her ANOTHER $5 because the bartender was being a dick. Total cost: $25...for 2 Absolut/Cokes. I could have bought a bottle of Absolut and a bottle of Coke for probably less.

(Forgive the wordiness and horrible logic flow of these 2 posts...I am dehydrated, tired, hungry, and I want a cigarette....that's as good as it gets.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmn. 80% of the time I tip too much but not like THAT. I'm not that rich. I think you're just compassionate... but it's okay.. just tell yourself it's okay to stop... doesn't mean you need to feel bad. Now if it's a really hot guy then it's okay to tip a lot! hahaha =D but I figure you know that one already ~Ann

10:36 PM  

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