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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Thanks for Visiting!

Tomorrow will mark the 1 month anniversary of adding a Sitemeter to this page. WOW...over 700 visits in one month...I feel very special. I started this page not really knowing what it would be about, or if I even had enough to write about. I have come to find out that I have MORE than enough to write about, although I am not sure there is a 'theme' to it. I have written about things that I don't usually tell friends, let alone strangers, about. And, yes, I have had "The Moment". The moment in life when you start composing your next entry in your head...while you are experiencing it.

So, I am out of cigarettes, and that is as much as I can write right now. (By the way, Ellen announced on her show today that she quit smoking...I am sad.)


Blogger EXSENO said...

I don't think I could quit smoking . It's really a pleasure for me not a habit.

7:17 PM  

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