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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Someone just called me 'snarky'. I have heard the word, but never taken the time to look it up. (Click above for definition) I always thought it was kind of a good thing...like being a bitch, or a bastard. Not in the way that I would call someone a bitch/bastard for pissing me off...but more of a "Wow, that was really bitchy...go you!" kind of way.

Like, I think Ami is a bitch...but only in the good way. And she thinks I am a bastard...in the good way. (Actually, I think she would use the word bitch, also.)

But, dictionary.com has a less favorable outlook on my snarkocity. I am depressed.

But, feeling better now that I look at UrbanDictionary.com...they have a better take on snarkishness.

*****UPDATE*****4-22-05*****I was just informed by a friend...and I quote, "I never thought of you as snarky...just a bitch" So, there you go.


Blogger EXSENO said...

Well, are you irretable and short-tempered???? If the shoe fits no need to get depressed about it, it just means who ever said it knows you well. Look at it that way. lol

4:04 PM  

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