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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Has anyone else tried to read this book? I think it's is too 'fantastical' for me. I like my fiction to be at least partly believable. This takes place in Oz, obviously, but I have to try so hard reading it because it is so out there. I think my imagination never fully developed. I can't stand movies like Harry Potter or Star Wars...I've never been able to read the Narnia books...

Ami, on the other hand, loves fantasy...she has read all the HP books, and watches the SciFi channel...even reads about it sometimes...and i tease her about it to no end.

I have seen one HP movie (Prisoner of Uzbekistan) and one SW movie (the 1st one...or the 4th one, whatever). My two favorite books are Bill Clinton: My Life and The Amateur Marriage. One (presumably) completely true, and the other so horribly realistic that it may as well be. I seem to revel in false reality -- but not my own actual reality. This post is not meant to be a deconstruction of me...just an observation. I really want to see Wicked, but I thought I should read it first...it looks like that may not happen.

I also think I might have evil powers of some sort. On Saturday night, when Lynn and I were going out I asked if we got paid for bereavement days, or were just allowed off. Twelve hours later my father died...I don't think it was my fault, right? right? lol

My sister still had a quasi-relationship with our father, even though she lives with our step-dad. She is only 20 and has lost both parents in 6 years. To say she is taking this harder than me would be to make the assumption that it had actually affected my life at all. I took Monday off work to spend some time with her and make sure she was ok. Everything went fine for the first 12 seconds until I told her I wouldn't be going to the memorial service. She is no longer speaking to me...again.

Also wondering if I should feel bad that my workplace is sending flowers, but I am not...eww, such a faux-pas.

Anyway, I am having a great adventure to Lowe's tomorrow for lawn care items...and the other assorted junk I always seem to pick up at a hardware store...seriously, they always have things there that I never knew I couldn't live without.

Maybe I'll see some people missing fingers that I can tell you about.


Blogger Joe said...

Ok. First off, hi! I saw that you had visited my site, so I figured I would check yours out.

What are we? Twins? I tried to read "Wicked" too and had a horrible time with it. I saw the show on Broadway last year and was like "I'm sure the book is much better". It was "too fantastical" for me as well.

Also, I saw in your profile that two of your favorite movies are "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (awesome!) and "The House of Yes!". I was actually in a production of "The House of Yes" in college and dare I say, I blew Freddie Prinze out of the water. :)

That Parker Posey, she can do no wrong.

I totally enjoyed your journal and am looking forward to visiting a lot more in the future.

And also, sorry that you're dealing with some familial issues right now. Although you said that the death of your father didn't affect you that deeply, it sucks that you and your sister aren't on the same page.

Try to enjoy the day!

8:50 AM  

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