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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lafayette City Grill

Ooooh, the last time I wrote about a restaurant I ate at, it was NOT GOOD! Needless to say, we have not been back to Spurlock's in downtown Lafayette and won't be any time soon.

Saturday night, though, Holly called me and asked if I wanted to go to Lafayette City Grill. Well, I had just hung out with GirlInBlack Friday night and she told me it was FANTASTIC. (In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that we are friends with one of the owners...and have been looking forward to the opening for about 3 months.) I called to make reservations and, luckily, they had one table for 2 left for the evening. We got there at 9:15 and were greeted by one of the owner's mothers. She was a lovely woman and lead us to our table. Our server went to high school with Holly and was really friendly. I also saw my friend Jamie was working there and he waved from the kitchen when he saw me.

The menu was absolutely amazing. (You can see it by clicking here, and then on Menus.) We decided that since this was our first time there, we were going to do it right and get every course. We started with the Deviled Egg du jour. There were two choices: salmon mousse or chipotle cream. We picked the chipotle and they came with a little cabbage salad that was light and delicious. We both picked the mixed green salad with garlic herb vinaigrette. The salads are small - but exactly the size to get you ready for your dinner. I chose the Marinated Grilled Breast of Chicken served with prosciutto-wrapped asparagus in a citrus beur blanc sauce and Holly had the Alaskan Salmon with a soy marinade and wasabi foam with a glass of white wine. The food was ridiculously good...and we got stupid for a good 5 minutes while we began to eat. We finally regained our senses when Joe (one of the owners) came by our table to see if everything was ok.

We were WAY more than ok...the food was the best I have had in months...and definitely the best I have ever had in Lafayette. The chef used to be at Bistro 501, where I have eaten a few times, but I am pretty sure he's gotten better since the last time I ate there, lol. Holly and I finished our entrees almost simultaneously and looked at each other with a mix of satisfaction and disappointment. We were DEFINITELY having dessert. :)

Holly ordered a dark chocolate truffle and a glass of port. I got the chocolate almond cake. First of all, both desserts were enormous and were presented beautifully. Holly took her first bite and I laughed when I looked up at her. I commented, "You look like you would rather die than swallow at this point." Then she gave me a bite to prove the point...it really was so good you wanted it to last forever. My cake was so light and covered in a whipped chocolate ganache and covered in sliced almonds. Absolute heaven.

It hardly mattered to us what we were spending...it would have been worth every penny no matter what the cost. Imagine our surprise, then, when we got the bill and all of our food (and 2 glasses of wine) was only $52! After the tip, we had only spent $70 and every morsel was amazing.

GO GO GO to Lafayette City Grill.

I would love to say this post was inflated to make Spurlock's look even worse...unfortunately, that's hardly possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, glad you had a good time. I thought the staff was rude.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, good for you, having such a swell experience. i tried the place twice and, no question, the staff WAS rude to our group. both times. our experiences with spurlock's, which you torpedoed on here, have been fantastic every time. just goes to show, it might be best not to go overboard with either praise or spite based on one experience.

10:33 AM  

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