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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Champagne is Yummy...

We headed to the Knickerbocker last night for Valentine's day festivities and bitterness. Holly had to be there at 8:00 for a poker tournament, so Lynn and I showed up together around 10:00. When we walked in our friend Karl was finishing a set and about to go on break and Casey was at the door. One of the things they were doing was having single people pick a playing card at the door. (Girls pick from the red deck, boys from the blue.) The plan was, at the end of the night, to match people up by their cards and hopefully introduce some people. I agonized over which color to pick. If I picked blue, there could be a very disappointed lady at the end of the night. Pick a red card - could be a very upset man at the end of the night, lol. In the end, I just went ahead and took a blue card...the 3 of hearts. Lynn made sure Casey shuffled the cards really well before she picked hers...she got the 3 of hearts, too. It was funny - we did the whole, "Oh, sweetheart, it really was meant to be!" and all that, but then decided that Lynn should pick a new card.

We went to a table and ordered drinks, but then realized that if it was just going to be the two of us we should sit at the bar. As soon as we sat down Crystal and her boyfriend came in, so we moved back to the table. Before long we were joined by so many people we had to scoot another table over. Holly finished her poker game (which she won! You can see her standings here.) She had won $50 and a bunch of other little prizes. Pretty soon we had 2 whole tables of people and people standing all around us.

Crystal and her boyf were going to be one of the couples playing the 'Newlywed Game' and they ended up winning, too! YAY winners! By the time they got back to the table we had been joined by even more people, pulled over a third table and still had people standing around us, sitting at booths next to us and at the bar turned around to face us. We were feeling rather popular last night, lol.

Jeff came around and gave us raffle tickets for little doorprizes they had set up. I got my number called...YAY more winnging! I got a really cool bottle opener and a t-shirt. To celebrate all of our winning and our good mood we ordered a bottle of champagne and our crowd grew even larger, lol. By the end of the night, we had seen probably 75% of our friends and acquaintances.

It was a really fun night - and as soon as Lynn got over her bitterness we all had a lot of fun.

I had to work till 9:30 tonight and I am just beat...I am really looking forward to my 3-day weekend coming up!


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