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Monday, February 20, 2006

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If you could go back in time just long enough to tell the founding fathers of America one thing, what would you tell or warn them of?

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Blogger Extra Ordinary Boy said...

So, um, this whole slavery thing... I know it's really hot out here and it sucks to have to pick cotton and shit. I know it seems easier to haul some people over from Africa and make them do it for no pay. (And don't forget to beat and rape them every once in a while...) In reality, though, it doesn't really work out that great. Yeah, I know that in a hundred years or so Lincoln is going to free the slaves, but we really haven't gotten over it since.

Oh, and another thing: You probably never thought about this, but could you put it in the constitution somewhere that you don't care if queers get married? Believe me...it's gonna come up later.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Pimpin' said...

Matt, realistically, the slavery thing wasn't gonna make it into the Consitution the first time around... they had a hard enough time convincing everyone (after the fact!) that free speech and jury trials were worth having.
A place they probably could've helped though was better clarifying the role of the Supreme Court; nowhere does it say that they have the right to second-guess Congress. Likewise, better rules about the President's war powers would've saved a lot of headache.

Okay, I'll take my political science hat off now...

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Declaration signing persons, might you take a longer look at the language describing the equality of all "Men", and make it a little less vague and subject to fly-by-night interpretations... For instance, all human-kind, might make for better portrayal of all those who might just someday fall under the umbrella of a New Nation, Under God... Just a thought, seems that open-for-interpretation gets one right back at square one eventually when it comes to unrest among the masses under Sovereign type rule.

Believe me, not only will History be kind, but Billions the world over, in eras forward on will be far more grateful of your collective efforts here today, and it will not have become a tangled skein the likes of which will wisely hopefully never have to be done in haste ever again... Oh, and love them wigs and Stockings gents... ;)


8:58 AM  

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