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Monday, February 20, 2006

Google Round-up

OK, someone else has decided not to bookmark my page, but just remember a random search that brings them here. This is the 3rd time in 4 days that someone from the Bronx has gotten here from a Google search for sandals "drunk all weekend". Still not sure how I feel about being the #3 result for that one, lol.

Another good one came a couple days ago...and really is a very valid question: gays live where in Indiana. I would like to find some more, too...point me in the right direction. (Also note - I am again the 3rd result.)

I have also been very popular with people wanting to find Marshall Field's recipes, whether it be for enchilada sauce or popovers.

I have moved into the #1 result spot with my horrible review of Spurlock's Restaurant Lafayette, Indiana. You would think someone from the restaurant would Google themselves and see what I had written...and maybe try to rectify the situation so I wasn't the first thing a customer would see if they were looking online for a menu or directions, lol.

Throw in all the random searches about Jay McCarrol being drunk at a dinner party (big whoop), Ringside - Tired of Being Sorry (so over it), the TomKat break-up (just hurry up), and random bits about A Million Little Pieces (I still like the book) and it has been a super-duper busy weekend around here. ;)


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