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Sunday, March 20, 2005

WOW! Demi Moore looks really good for her age.

So, I decided to stay in tonight. Good thing, or I would have missed the Kutchmoore on SNL. Here are some thoughts/comments/questions that come to mind while watching.
  • New catch phrase: "It's really sweeping the Denver area."
  • Kutcher looks hot in white boxer-briefs pretending to be Mr. Britney. 'Federline: Man Panties for Wiggers.'
  • Why is there not a show called 'Gays in Space'? (Can I go to Planet Alpha Hunktari for vaycay?)
  • Where can I find myself one of them there nudity piles?
  • Here's a little stream of thought for you: Gwen Stefani is singing : her clothing line/album is called L.A.M.B. : my friend Beth used to do the l.a.m.b.l.a.m.b dance. Here's a little tutorial: Stand up straight, Shake boobs (Look At My Boobs), Lean slightly forward, Shake Butt (Look At My Butt). It's really quite easy and can be adapted to almost any tempo.
  • I (heart) Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.
  • Tina Fey is hot.
  • I forgot SNL is 90 minutes long.
  • Seth Meyers is hot.
  • I don't like the 'SNL Sneak Peeks' during the commercials. If you need to remind me what I am watching, cut some of the ads.
  • Gwen Stefani is wearing fantastic shoes. The basketball jersey dress was a questionable choice.
  • The last 30 minutes of SNL is not funny.
  • BTW - I think they showed an exterior shot of the Purdue University Memorial Union in a sketch on MadTV. So, that's kinda cool...

On a completely random note...Is Indian a race? What about people from Pakistan, Nepal, etc? Would they be offended by that? Should I say 'people originating from the Indian subcontinent'? That awfully clumsy to say.


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