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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chicken Salad on Who?

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Stop by and welcome Ami to the world of blog. We're on the phone last night when she finally gets clued in to the fact that I have a blog. She first had no idea what a blog was, and then started reading mine. 10 minutes later, she wants to start one. (imagine the whine: "I waaant one!")

So with a semi-helping hand from me (mostly me saying, "It's your blog, name it your own damn self.") she is started. So, we have a new neighbor, and if I ever figure out how to put a links tab on this page, you will see some more of my friends.

--I haven't watched much of American Idol this year, but I have caught glimpses of Mario Vazquez on the tele lately. (I didn't know they would let Justin Guarini back on if he just changed his name.) Turns out, he is already on a released album, which a super-no-no. No one would have known, but it was re-released this week, OOPS!

So, I like this new show Jake in Progress...I saw the preview on Sunday. Well, when does ABC decide to air it. On Thursdays of course, when I have to work until 9:30-10 every week. Guess that's one more show I will never again see. I'm over it.

I need a haircut desperately. It has gone from the ideal 2 inch length to the unmanageable 4 inches. It's such an ordeal for me to get a haircut, I have to find the perfect picture of what I want. Then I have to take the pic to Leeann and tell her how I want it changed so it will actually work with my hair. I actually thought about letting my hair grow out a couple days ago. But, then I would just be a faggot with long hair. (No, by the way, you are NOT allowed to use that word...just me) I pride myself in good hair, it's just so much work.

On the personal hygiene front: my store just started carrying a new men's skin care line. Anthony: Logistics for Men is a nature based skin care line. Most of the products are made with natural ingredients with a little fragrance thrown in. I don't usually use scented products, but my friend Ninja Camarillo hooked me up with free samples that I promised to use and report back today. They average only $15 per product and there are great package deals, too. You can get it at any May Company store near you.

Wow, sorry for the infomercial. (By the way, go rent 'Girls Will Be Girls' just so you can use the word 'specimercial' in real life.)


Blogger ShinyFun said...

I so did not whine. I just mentioned that his blog was amusing and I wouldn't mind starting one myself. He was absolutely no help to me when I was trying to decide on a name for my blog and what to write about in my first post. Anyway, just wanted that cleared up.

11:46 AM  

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