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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just Click Here...Quick

It will only hurt for a minute, although, the nausea tends to last.

I am just sitting here wasting some time on my day off. Went to Purdue to have lunch with some old co-workers. (chick-a-dee-china) Then rented Alfie and came home. Lynn is going to pick me up after she gets off work and we are going to watch Alfie and Sky Captain. (I heart Jude Law)

I don't think I have written about this yet, so I will now. A friend of mine that has moved away was dating a guy in her new city. I didn't like him, but that's because I wish a life of horrible single-ness on all those I meet. Anyway, after date 3 (maybe 4) things got a little more involved...and things were proceeding towards the unnatural act of hetero sex. He wouldn't put on a condom!! He just wouldn't do it...so she wouldn't do it...they didn't do it. That's all well and good, but I worry about 2 things.

  • There are still guys out there that have sex without condoms.
  • There are still girls out there that have sex without condoms.
(These are both assumptions. I assume he has had sex and I assume it was with a woman and I assume his aversion to condoms is not a new issue.)

Wake up people. I saw a commercial today on TV...'We have found the weapon of mass destruction: World AIDS.'

I am just rambling now and i can...know why?



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