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Thursday, March 31, 2005

We're Going Down!

So, last Saturday morning there was a plane crash near the Purdue University Airport. From news reports I learned that the plane was owned by Lafayette Aviation. I happen to have a good friend and ex-room mate that worked there, so I gave her a call. Turns out I knew the pilot. We had a brief (one night) fling a few years ago that I had almost forgotten about until Mollie reminded me. Rumors are running rampant, but the general concensus is that it most likely wasn't an accident. Anyway, you are now up to date for the actual story.

I went with Lynn to get haircuts on Monday night and decided to go to Where Else? for quarter beer night with some friends. It sounds only slightly worse than it actually is, but you can buy a case of beer for $10 (including tip). So we're standing around playing cards and Lynn and I start talking about Dustin (the kid that died) when she (drunkenly) belts out, "Well, you're the one that fucked him!" Evidently our conversation was interesting enough for the girl behind us to comment to me, "EEWWWW, you fucked that dead guy?" To which I responded, "Well, he wasn't dead at the time, so I was OK with it." She thinks for a minute and says, "Yeah, but he's dead now, that's so gross." All I could come back with was, "Are you dead yet? 'Cause I am really through with you."

(I know, not the best come back...but she was a dumb bitch and I was inebriated...it was the best I could do.)

P.S. I do not, actually, think it is gross at all. He looked better in a Speedo than anyone else I have seen in real life.


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