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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spontaneous Combustion is Real...

...and it's about to happen to me. I feel like I am getting much better after a low this morning, but now I am getting a fever. That doesn't give me confidence that I will be in tip-top shape for work at 10 in the morning. I've not known fevers to signal the end of an illness.

I get a second chance to watch American Idol tonight since they screwed up the voting last night. I dug my way out of my self-imposed coma for just long enough to hear 2 performers last night. I know I wasn't looking pretty, but they both sounded BAD!

Oh, another thing...Has anyone else seen 'Swept Away'? The one with Madonna? Am I the only one that likes it? I saw it last night and actually enjoyed it. Madonna acts horribly, as usual...but I think I would like to see the original now. And everyone should watch 'Elephant' by Gus Van Sant. Don't worry if you don't get it...just watch it, it'll make you feel like 'one of those people that watches those kinds of movies'. And, it's only 80 minutes long...you can do it.


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